I'm Kristin Wollett. I've been in the story telling business since I was a kid. They weren't lies, Mom, they were stories. I've always loved creating characters and building worlds inside my head, so no surprise, I ended up being an actor.

Perhaps it was inevitable that when the world shut down for a hot minute in 2020, and the lack of in-person acting jobs instantly evaporated, my creative outlet needed reforming. I picked back up my love of writing and here we are. I wrote my first YA fantasy that's still in a box under my bed. That book taught me how to write a book. And, more importantly, taught me I could finish a book.

Now I'm onto my second, which is a RomCom ~ An overworked NYC resort developer is sent back home to Florida for thirty days on an unexpected project where she runs into her childhood crush, her ex-best friend’s brother. With an overdue promotion in the balance, she just needs to make it through the next thirty days without screwing everything up. Or falling in love.